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Aimee Nursing Gowns
The one that started it all! The nightgown's modern design features a split front to help facilitate easy access to the breast for the baby. Simply pull aside the gown when you want to nurse. The gown holds nursing pads in place without having to wear an uncomfortable bra to bed. You don't even have to be a nursing Mom to wear our gowns!

- Built in sleep bra
- Double lined top for privacy
- 95% cotton, 5% lycra for stretch and color fastness.
- Slightly below knee length and slit on one side for movement
- Empire waist and flattering design to help new mothers look cute

- You will no longer have to wear an uncomfortable bra to bed!
- Less risk of mastitis as with tight fitting bras
- A roomy design for shrinking tummies
- Easy access to nursing at night or any time of the day
- Can be worn as a lounge dress or a nightgown
- Holds nursing pads secure in place

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